Skip the Snow: Start Your Winter Season Now!

Many RVers plan their entire years around their travel plans. Long trips to tropical places might be an annual escape from the biting winter air in your home state (or country!), and Florida is one of the most popular destinations for seasonal RV travelers! Nothing is nicer than a heated pool or sand between your toes when you know the alternative involves scraping a windshield or shoveling a driveway.

When something out of the blue happens (like a global pandemic) it can be jarring and disappointing to have plans pulled out from under your feet. How can you prevent that feeling this winter RV season? If you haven’t started planning this winter’s trip and you are ready to get on the road safely, now is the time!

Though this year has been tough for those who love to travel, it does offer a great opportunity to head out on your winter RV trip a little earlier than intended. But with many others’ travel plans shifting as well, you may find that your favorite site at a certain resort is already booked up! Consider booking early or looking into earlier or longer stays to make sure you don’t run into any booking hiccups.

At Sanctuary RV Resort, we have all the amenities to make your winter RV travels something to write home about. As you plan your winter escape, keep an eye on our Specials or subscribe to our newsletter to learn first-hand all of the activities coming down the pipe. Questions? Ready to book? Give us a call, or book entirely online.

Don’t Rain on My Vacation! How to Spend a Rainy Day at an RV Resort

You’ve made plans, you’ve booked your trip… but the weather had other ideas. What do you do on a rainy day when you’re vacationing in an RV? Sanctuary RV Resort has a few ideas.

Stay Inside

  • Visit an indoor attraction. Call ahead and check on admission and hours, and then set off for your day of fun inside. It might not be what you originally planned to do, but the unexpected has a lot to offer! There are many options for museums, activities, and shopping indoors near Sanctuary RV Resort.
  • Head to the Clubhouse. Our activities room frequently has something going on! Game, craft, or dance with the whole family!
  • Curl up in your RV. Embrace the rest and relaxation! Schedule a movie marathon with popcorn and treats. Dig out your stash of craft supplies and knit a pair of socks or create art of your trip to share with friends and family back home. Plan a gaming tournament – the winner chooses dinner!

Venture Out

  • Take a Hike. Whether you’re puddle-jumping or really hitting the trail, as long as you aren’t afraid of getting soaked or muddy, a walk in the rain can be a delightful change of pace! You could even take your pup for a rainy romp in the Sanctuary RV Resort dog run. There’s no wrong way to embrace the rain outdoors!
  • Hit the Beach. When it’s raining, the beach is a whole new experience. And if conditions are safe, you can even take a dip to wash off the sand. Watch your footsteps fill up with rain water from above and the sea from below.

No one anticipates dealing with a rainy day on their vacation, but with a little preparation and flexibility, your RV trip will be one to remember–even with the rain! Sanctuary RV Resort is a great place to stay, rain or shine. Looking for a deal on your RV getaway? Check out our specials! And when you’re ready to book, you can make your reservation online or by calling the office at 239.310.6345. We can’t wait to see you!

How to Make Summer Last All Year Long

Florida summers are like nothing else in the world. Those who take long-term or permanent vacations to the beautiful state of Florida often feel as if summer never ends. But if you’re feeling the stress of the end of another summer and getting back to work and school, it might be hard to keep the summer fun feelings going. Don’t let Florida’s fun and natural beauty pass you by! Check out these tips to make sure your eternal summer never gets boring.

Take a hike!

Don’t let your daily routine keep you in your seat all day. Returning to work and school can mean a more sedentary lifestyle, so mix it up by finding new ways to keep active. Gather up the family to take Fido for a nightly walk, or change up your usual route so that everyone has new sights to see. Sanctuary gives your furry friends their own spaces to relax with a dog park and off-leash area.

Break out the grill!

Nothing tastes more like summer than a freshly-grilled meal, but grilling with the family doesn’t have to be limited to burgers, steaks, and hot dogs. Experiment with new dishes and entrees. Challenge your friends and family to try new foods that might not be grilling staples (watermelon, anyone?). Better yet, find new foods to roast over a campfire! Fire-roasted veggies like corn on the cob taste even better when cooked over an open flame.

Hit the water!

Sanctuary is only a short drive or day trip from what visitors love most about Florida—beaches! Aside from these sandy sanctuaries, Florida is overflowing with natural waterways. Fall is a great time to try fishing for the first time (or the millionth!). Sanctuary is home to a heated free-form pool, so no matter the weather you’ll always have a place to make a splash.

Looking for the right RV resort to spend your eternal summer? Sanctuary RV Resort is waiting for you. Check out our current promotions and book your stay today!

Why Stay at an All-Ages RV Resort?

When choosing stops along a route for an RV vacation, or when reviewing options for a destination or long-term stay, there’s no end to the options! Whittling down the categories can be a month-long endeavor or a quick Google as you approach an area. So what makes you choose one RV Resort over another? And why should you make the decision to stay at an all-ages RV resort?

One of the biggest reasons is to be surrounded by other travelers, residents, and seasonal residents who are looking for the same thing in a resort that you are. An all-ages RV resort has all the basics that you’d expect from an RV resort, and caters to the needs of adults, seniors, and children. If you are looking for a social experience where you’ll meet peers who enjoy travel and relaxation while keeping the kids entertained, there’s no better place to stay than an all-ages RV resort!

Sanctuary RV Resort in Bonita Springs, Florida, is proud to be an all-ages RV resort! When staying at Sanctuary, seasoned RVers, family vacationers and first-timers will find a community centered around you! Our amenities are all about relaxation and fun for all ages.

Looking for a destination or way-point near Fort Myers, Naples, and Cape Coral? Special discounts are available through October. Check back often to see our new specials!

Spend the Week at Sanctuary

Are you experiencing the end-of-July, social-distancing blues? Sanctuary RV Resort has plenty to offer! And with our weekly stay discount still available, there’s no excuse not to come spend the week with us!

Here’s just a sampling of what you can enjoy during your week at Sanctuary RV Resort:

  • Relax poolside
  • Embrace quality time with your dog in our leash-free areas
  • Shop at Flamingo Island Flea Market
  • Walk along the beaches
  • Catch dinner in the Gulf of Mexico and grill it by your RV
  • Kick back and read the latest bestsellers or your favorite romance
  • Enjoy the freshest seafood at local restaurants, and
  • Hit the links at one of the many nearby golf courses

We’ll see you soon!

Man’s Best Friend at Sanctuary RV Resort

Traveling with your best four-legged friend? Sanctuary RV Resort is the perfect place for pets. Between our dog park, off-leash area, and all the adventures nearby, there’s no need to worry that your pup will be bored or caged in!

Did you know that over half of all RVers make their journeys with a pet? That’s a big part of why we made Sanctuary RV Resort a destination for doggos as well as their owners. If you haven’t taken the plunge and brought Fido along on a trip before, here are some tips:

  • Introduce your pet to the RV with the aide of treats and food. A week before you leave, start serving breakfast and dinner inside to show them that the RV is safe, and offers delicious benefits.
  • Create a special space for your animal inside the RV. A bed or blanket that smells like home makes for the perfect nap spot!
  • Bring favorite treats and toys along for the ride. Tug-of-war can go a long way into remind your dog that they’re having a great time.
  • Don’t forget necessities and plan for emergencies. You’ll want to carry their vaccination certificate and any medications.
  • Buckle up for safety! Yes, that includes Spot!
  • Plan your route and stops around pet-friendly locations so your best buddy can stretch their legs and get some fresh air.
  • Once you’re parked, keep to your pet’s routine. Food, bed, and walks should provide a sense of normalcy and security.

Ready to head to Sanctuary RV Resort with your pal? Check out our specials, or book now!