The Weather is Cooling Down, but the Fishing is Hot at Sanctuary RV Resort

The latest end-of-September/beginning-of-October fishing reports indicate that Sanctuary RV Resort favorites redfish, snook, and snapper are in abundance off the coast, and they are biting! Cooling temperatures don’t have to mean an end to the fun that Sanctuary and Bonita Springs, FL, have to offer. If you’re heading our way to camp and take your boat or a chartered trip onto the water, here’s some tips!


  • Snook season just opened on September 1, a boon for fisherfolk! Snook can make for an exciting catch, as many fight hard and jump on the line.
  • The jury is out on snook appetites. Many fishermen swear by live bait, while others swear that snook prefer an easy, dead meal.
  • If you use live bait, try shrimp, pilchards, mullet, or sardines, but any small fish will do to capture the snook’s attention.
  • If using dead bait, think big! Try mullet heads or ladyfish halves fished on the bottom.
  • Fish near docks and mangroves, and be sure to test waters during different stages of tide, or try fishing at night near the full moon.


  • Fresh cut mullet is a popular bait for redfish, but pinfish also renders positive results on the water! Our area is great for catching baitfish by the netful!
  • These popular fish are easiest to catch first thing in the morning in shallows or later in the afternoon in deeper waters.
  • Redfish, along with other popular catches, cling close to docks, mangroves, any other structure, and ambush bait quickly. As summer draws to an end, numbers are only increasing, with water temperatures lingering around the 80s!
  • Don’t forget, Red October is coming!


  • Stay near the shore for the best snapper bite.
  • The biggest snappers can be caught after sunset, with chum in the water to get them good and hungry for your line.
  • Pilchards, pinfish, and shrimp make great live bait for snappers, but with enough chum, lures are also likely to bring in a good haul.

As always, be sure to check on regulations for numbers, weights, and licenses.

Have you had success snagging snook, redfish, or snapper recently around Bonita Springs? Tell us all about it on our Facebook page! Ready to book your next stay at Sanctuary? Book entirely online or give us a call, and don’t forget to check our current specials!

Howl, Woof, Yippie! Dog-Friendly RV Travel Destinations

There’s nothing quite like traveling with your best friend. Your dog is always by your side on your adventures, and as your pup sticks their head out the passenger window of your RV, you might be thinking of ways to make your vacation more enjoyable for your furry sidekick.

Our dog-friendly amenities make Sanctuary RV Resort the perfect place to stay with all members of your family—Rover included. We have two spots specifically for your dog to enjoy: a fenced park for small dogs, and an off-leash area for large dogs to romp in. But don’t forget to always clean up after your furry friends!

If your pup needs to stretch their four legs off-property, there are plenty of local parks for you and Rover to explore. Florida is brimming with lush wildlife for curious sniffers, and shores for dogs who like to hit the water snout-first. Nearby Barkingham Dog Park is a great place to spend an afternoon with your dog. There are on-lead trails for you and your buddy to scout out. When you’re done hiking, two separate off-leash enclosures await.

When you need a place to “bark” your RV after a long day, browse the available specials at Sanctuary RV Resort, and when you’re ready to reserve your spot, give our office a call at 239.310.6345 or use the promo codes to book online!

Stroll Through September

Why is September the perfect time of year to visit Florida? Once the hottest heat of summer is over, September is nestled between Labor Day beach crowds and winter travelers from less tropical places. Sanctuary RV Resort is thankful to be at the heart of Florida, tucked between Fort Myers and Naples. If you’re in the area, consider taking an afternoon away from the bustle to slow down and soak up Florida’s natural beauty.

And there’s no better way to enjoy Florida than outdoors! There’s plenty of natural spaces to explore when the crowds have cleared. Take a stroll to some of these nearby parks and wildlife areas and see what makes Septembers in Florida so special:

  • Bring the family on a hiking trip in Picayune Strand State Forest, where you can spend the day on a 3.2 mile hiking trail or a 22 mile equestrian trail
  • Pack your binoculars and looks for creatures in Florida Panther National Wildlife Refuge
  • Feel the freedom of cypress swamps and floodplains at Bird Rookery Swamp Trail, where you can explore 12 miles of trails and a 1500 ft. wheelchair accessible boardwalk
  • Explore local waterfowl and fishing at Miromar Lakes or one of Florida’s more than 3 million acres of lakes

These are only a few options from the countless parks, rivers, and beaches Florida has to offer! Stretch your legs, look at the beauty around you, and enjoy everything that makes September in Florida great.

When you need a place to park after a day of adventure, browse the available specials at Sanctuary RV Resort, and when you’re ready to reserve your spot, give our office a call at 239.310.6345 or use the promo codes to book online!

Spend the Week at Sanctuary

Are you experiencing the end-of-July, social-distancing blues? Sanctuary RV Resort has plenty to offer! And with our weekly stay discount still available, there’s no excuse not to come spend the week with us!

Here’s just a sampling of what you can enjoy during your week at Sanctuary RV Resort:

  • Relax poolside
  • Embrace quality time with your dog in our leash-free areas
  • Shop at Flamingo Island Flea Market
  • Walk along the beaches
  • Catch dinner in the Gulf of Mexico and grill it by your RV
  • Kick back and read the latest bestsellers or your favorite romance
  • Enjoy the freshest seafood at local restaurants, and
  • Hit the links at one of the many nearby golf courses

We’ll see you soon!

The Beaches at Bonita

Did you know there are ten beach accesses with public parking located up and down Bonita Beach?

Swimming, picnicking, and basking in the Florida sun are all just a short drive away from Sanctuary RV Resort. And if you don’t feel like making the drive or getting sand between your toes, all of that is available within our resort as well!

One of our favorite local attractions is Barefoot Beach Preserve Park. Located on a barrier island, and accessible by Bonita Beach Road, the Preserve is home to thriving wildlife and sea life. Public restrooms, showers, and concessions are available. The Preserve features an Aquatic Butterfly Garden, and a learning center. Just north of the Preserve is access to the beach.

Don’t limit your exploration of beautiful Bonita Beach, Florida! Our 25% special provides time to settle in, relax, and find some of the hidden gems Bonita Beach has to offer. Are you ready to book now? Use promo code 25WEEK for this special discount!