Frequently Asked Questions

When is the best time to start making reservations for the next year?

Previous guests can book February 1st, New guests 3 months or more can book March 1st, 2 months or less can book April 1st (based on availability for next season).

Can we guarantee a Pull-Thru?

Our sites are not guaranteed for less than 3 months stay.

Are we allowed to have overnight guests?

Absolutely! Please register all overnight guests at the front desk the night of. An overnight guest fee will be applied for every guest over 18 years of age and a maximum of 2 extra guests is allowed. (Please refer to the rates page for prices.) Guests are allowed to park in the laundry or by the clubhouse parking lot. An overnight guest’s car must have a visitor’s pass on it, which can be picked up at the front desk.

Are we allowed to have visitors?

Yes, We love having your family and friends visit you and the park. Please have your visitors check-in at the front desk and park behind the Clubhouse or by the laundry building. Visitors are not allowed to bring pets.

Can we receive and send mail at the Campground?

Yes! All incoming mail, UPS, and Fed Ex packages will be held for you at the front desk. Outgoing USPS mail may be left at the front office or dropped in the mail slot after hours. Outgoing Fed Ex and UPS must have a confirmed pick-up call prior to leaving it at the Front Desk. Mail is picked up once every day. Stamps are available in the office during normal hours of operations.

Do you have a Fax Machine?

No, we do not, but you can find one at the Pack-N-Ship next to Publix (about 2 minutes from the Sanctuary).

Where do you take the trash?

Trash receptacles are located at the exit gate.  Trash can be taken to the compactor any time.

Are the activities and events solely for guests?

Activities and Events are open to the Public. Be sure to bring your friends and have a good time.

Is the restaurant open year round? Is it only for guests?

The restaurant is open during the winter season and is closed for the summer. We would love for everyone to enjoy the delicious cuisine with their friends and families – Everyone is welcome!

What is included in the price? Is Electric separate?

Taxes (Bed tax 5%, Sales tax 6%), city water and sewer are included in the price. Electricity will be included in stays of 14 days or less. Consecutive stays of 15 days or more will be responsible for metered electric at current FPL rates. Electricity is billed through Sanctuary.